Selling Your Home

What to Consider When Deciding to Sell

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selling your home on scheduleYou have decided to sell your property. There are a few basic questions you want to start with. What is your motivation for selling, and how sure are you that you want to sell? Is it a good time to put the home on the market? If so, what is an acceptable timeframe for selling your home? And most importantly, what is the right price? Having clarity on these items is the first step toward a successful home sale.

Why Did You Decide to Sell?

Are you moving to a new area because of your career? Or simply looking for a lifestyle change? Will you be upsizing to a bigger more expensive home? Or downsizing to a more manageable property? How will you use any earnings from the sale? While your reasons may be clear, whether or not the sale will enable you to achieve your goals is often less clear. It's important to have realistic expectations of how much your home can sell for. And if it's enough to justify your decision to sell.

When Should You Sell?

Once you decide to sell, the next step is establishing a timeframe. Do you want to sell quickly, and are you willing to be flexible with the price? We will provide you with a thorough market analysis and strategic plan for selling your home in a timely fashion. If you want to sell for top dollar, and are in no rush, we can take a more methodical approach. We will conduct an extensive market review, and together with you, figure out the ideal time to sell, when market conditions are optimal. 

What is the Market Like?

Having a keen sense of local market conditions is key to knowing how to price your property. We bring a wealth of experience in the Wasatch Front real estate market, and the knowledge to price your home competitively. You are always kept up to date on market conditions and recent sales of similar properties. When working with MOTIV Real Estate, you will feel confident about pricing your property. 

How Do I Make the Most of My Sale?

You always want to sell for the highest price, but there are often other considerations. For example, if you are looking to downsize, selling in less time may carry a little more importance. A home that is too large for your needs can often be a drain on your finances. And the faster you sell, the sooner you can experience financial relief. But if you are not under any financial pressure, we'll find opportunities to sell your home at an optimal price. Whatever your situation, our goal is to help you take control of your finances, and get the most out of your home sale.